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What is Oyez?

Oyez is a B2B service for your business to engage it’s captive audience live and locally.


Captive live audiences represent an unprecedented opportunity for brands to emerge within a media landscape saturated with messages.

We believe that the next step in digital transformation is for brands to become a fully-fledged media to strengthen editorial and informative value. This is why we created Oyez.

We provide brands and their physical destinations with an online editorial platform allowing them to curate creative content and deliver it live and locally to their captive audiences, offering an easy transition from interruption marketing to editorial marketing.

Is there an app?

Yes there is and its readily available on Android and iOS, but you may also use your own if you’d prefer.

How do i sign up?

Just enter your email address in the signup box and we will contact you shortly to implement Oyez for your business.

Where does Oyez work?

Oyez works everywhere there is a 3G/4G or WiFi signal.

What is local community manager?

It’s a community manager who manages your local and captive audience’s digital experience.

He has a dual role: enrich your captive audience’s digital experience and optimize operations and crowd management.

How does notifications work?

Delighting a captive audience requires tact. Some broadcast are notification material, some can be just published and consulted in your feed of local posts.

Therefore we have given you the option to notify or not to notify your audience when you broadcast.

How do i measure my crowd and its engagement?

Oyez proprietary analytical tools allow you to monitor and measure the size and engagement of your crowds in real time.

Post by post or over a certain period of time, your dedicated dashboard will give you access tot he data you need to measure your colonization’s efficiency.